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bredalot's Journal

4 December 1988
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I'm currently a senior at Brown University contemplating a future in anthropology (expect the random odd post on strange topics, including cannibalism. Really). I collect obsessions like other people collect stamps or coins or shot glasses - I don't lose interest in one just because I've added another. In fact, I seem to be addicted to addictions - it is, perhaps, not healthy, but it is certainly fun. I got sick of no one understanding my fandom rants on Xanga, which is where my personal journal was, so I skipped over here to exult in the (intelligent) fangirling. I welcome one and all (as long as you have something good to say), and if you bring a new obsession for me, I will love you even more.

However: if you friend me, leave a comment! Or I'll never notice. :P I will rarely post anything flocked, because I like to let whoever wants to read my posts do so. But if you want me to get to know you (and I want to, I promise!), leave a comment on my latest posting telling me how you found me and why you want to friend me. :D